Apr. 18, 2015

ADIM 15 - Shakespeare Upon the Sea

I've been attending Russell Brown's ADIM Conference for many years, and always find it energizing and inspiring. Each year there is a theme, and the class of 75 or so art directors, designers, illustrators and photographers is given a project to complete in three days. The projects often employ cutting-edge output options like lenticular printing, computer-assisted embroidery, fabric printing and laser cutting and engraving. 

This year's theme was Shakespeare Upon the Sea, and the project was to design a six page book (printed on an amazing Epson large-format printer) and a laser-engraved and cut wooden cover/case. I chose to continue with the theme I'd started with the "Complete Plays of William Shakespeare" type poster that Russell asked me to design for the event, and created a book of selected quotes from the plays, with each quote rendered in a different font and accompanied by an appropriate image.

Below is a photo of the laser-cut and engraved wooden cover. Click to view a PDF of the interior pages.