Oct. 27, 2012

Global Brief #11

Global Brief #11 is now on select newsstands in Canada and the US.

To view an online facsimile go to: www.fishauf.com/GB11

Illustrations by Harry Campbell, Colin Johnson, Christiane Beauregard, Julie Murphy, Jeff Jackson and Dusan Petricic

Aug. 16, 2012

The Art of Global Brief - Volume One

In recognition of the publication of issue #10 of Global Brief, I have put together this portfolio of cover and feature illustrations from the first ten issues. Global Brief, Canada's premier international affairs magazine, is published in partnership with the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs at Toronto’s York University. The magazine’s target readership, in print and online, is two-fold: first, leaders and key decision-makers around the world in politics and government, business, academia, journalism, the NGO community and in international diasporic communities; and second, future global leaders across these same sectors.  

Having begun my career as an editorial designer, I've had a long-standing love for the art of illustration. In fact, after a decade working as art director for a number of Canadian publications, I co-founded Reactor Art + Design in 1982 with Bill Grigsby, an artists' representative. Together, Bill and I built a studio where designers and illustrators, working synergistically, created a distinctive, heavily illustrative, graphic style. Working with clients like Roots Canada, Bata Retail, Club Monaco, SoftKey Software, Canada Post and others, the "Reactor Style" was a major influence in Canadian design circles throughout the 1980s and into the nineties.

In 1995, after 13 years as Reactor's creative director, I left the company to freelance as a consulting creative director, working for clients such as the Sympatico Internet Service, Alias Systems, Adbeast and others. Since most of my work in those years involved branding, packaging and interface design, I didn't have the opportunity to work closely with illustrators as frequently as before. In 2007, after a 20-plus year absence from editorial design, I accepted a position as acting art director of Toronto Life magazine, a "temporary" job that ended up lasting over a year. My stint at TL rekindled my enthusiasm for magazine design, but due to the nature of the publication, and the preferences of its editors, my ability to use illustration was still very limited.

So when I was approached in 2009 by GB's editor Irvin Studin to design and art-direct this new publication, I saw it as an opportunity to once again commission original illustration, and collaborate with many of the talented artists whose work I had come to admire during my long absence from the magazine scene. I want to thank all the talented artists who contributed to GB's first ten issues, and I hope that GB can continue to uphold a high standard of artistic excellence for the next ten issues and beyond.

Jun. 17, 2012

Proud Parental Moment

Got a great Father's Day gift yesterday, watching my son Jackson's short film screened as part of the NXNE Festival in Toronto. His film "Jim Talks", a portrait of photographer Jim Allen, was a second-year student project for Jackson's Film Studies course at Ryerson University. The film received warm applause, and lots of positive comments from the NXNE audience. In the pic below, Jim and Jackson (far right) share the stage with the star and director of "The Ballad of Hugh", a similarly-themed film that was shown at the same screening.

You can view "Jim Talks" on youtube:

Jun. 5, 2012

Global Brief #10

Global Brief #10 is coming soon to select newsstands in Canada and the US.

To view an online preview go to: www.fishauf.com/GB10

Illustrations by Dan Page, Christian Northeast, Jeffrey Fisher, Keith Negley, Dusan Petricic, Noah Woods, Alena Skarina, Harry Campbell

May 19, 2012

Another Roadside Attraction

The Intact Insurance logo I designed a few years ago, immortalized in grass and white pebbles on the roadside embankment of the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

I've been driving past this thing regularly for a couple of years now, always telling myself I should pull off the road and take a picture. I finally did, and here it is.

Apr. 30, 2012

everyman products at www.zazzle.com/fishauf

In conjunction with "the everyman project" show at Reactor Art + Design's 30th anniversary, I've put together an online shop with everyman-branded products like t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc.


Everyman @ Reactor 30th Anniversary

Bill Grigsby with some of the everyman project pieces.
Self adhesive vinyl art in entrance hallway at 51 Camden St..

Apr. 22, 2012

Another Blast from the Past

Photo from a 1985(?) brochure for Apple Canada, touting the capabilities of the amazing new MacPlus to the creative community. I got my first Mac as part of a contra deal for working on this brochure. Can anyone recognize me? Also in this pic, my longtime friends and collaborators Anita Kunz and Nigel Dickson.

Feb. 19, 2012

Global Brief #9_Winter 2012

The Winter 2012 issue of Global Brief, with illustrations by Gordon Wiebe, Jean Tuttle, Ryan Snook and Chris Buzelli, will be on newsstands soon.

view an online facsimile in a Flash-enabled browser

Jan. 10, 2012

Lunar New Year of the Dragon

My stamp designs for Canada Post's Year of the Dragon are being issued today, January 10, 2012.  Believe it or not, the entire project took almost two years to complete. You can view all the project components, including domestic and international stamps, first day covers, prepaid postcards, souvenir sheets and an uncut press sheet at:  www.fishauf.com/dragon2012