Apr. 29, 2011

Foiled Again!

Day-trip to Montreal for proofing on a stamp project. Visited Gravure Choquet who are doing the embossing and foil stamping. As you can see from these pics, they have shelf upon shelf of metallic and holographic foils.

Apr. 27, 2011

The Everyman Project

The issuu-powered online "catalogue" for a personal art project, a series of graphic variations based on the walking pedestrian figure.


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Apr. 25, 2011

A Rabbit for Easter

My rejected proposal for the 2011 Lunar New Year stamp. The rabbit figure is based on the traditional Chinese legend of Grandpa Rabbit, who lives on the moon with the Goddess Chang. Grandpa Rabbit spends his days pounding out the Elixir of Immortality with his medicine pestle.

3D rendering of the vinyl toy mockup by Albert Ang.

Beware of the Dog

Unpublished personal work.

Apr. 24, 2011

Do the Horizontal!

Some recent designs for Foto Art Collective, a new venture launched by my old friend Jim Allen.
See the entire collection at fotoartcollective.com.