Oct. 28, 2011

Global Brief #8 - Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 issue of Global Brief, with illustrations by Gary Taxali, Christian Northeast, Doug Panton, Dusan Petricic, Gracia Lam and Adam Niklewicz, will be on newsstands soon.

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Oct. 23, 2011

Jim Talks

This 4.5 minute video profile of photographer Jim Allen was directed and shot by my son Jackson Fishauf. It just won a prize at the Barrie Film Festival (Best Short Documentary, Simcoe County Division)

Aug. 24, 2011

Blast from the Past

Here's a mid-80s poster I designed for Molson Canadian beer. Posing as a 50s-style doo-wop group in the photo at upper right (see detail pic below) are Jeff Jackson (illustrator), Richard Picton (photographer), Bruce Mau (design guru) and George Whiteside (photographer).

Nigel Dickson took the photos of the doo-wop group and the dancing couple. Love those eighties fashions!

Jul. 8, 2011

Pacific Rim

An issuu-powered album of holiday snaps from Vancouver Island, BC.


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Jun. 28, 2011

Tofino food truck

Had a short holiday on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, visiting Victoria, Tofino and Salt Spring. 

Very impressed with the nice hand-painted branding job for TacoFino's food truck at the back of the Live to Surf mini-mall in Tofino BC. 

The fish tacos were great too! Highly recommended!

Jun. 17, 2011

Great Review of Cameron's Oak-Aged Beer

Toronto Sun review:
"This brew is barrel-aged for 120 days and holds subtle hints of Tennessee whiskey along with toasty caramel notes. It’s perfect for an end-of-day treat or backyard barbecue — but you have to hurry as this is a limited-run beer, with only 150 bottles on sale at the Brewery, priced at $12.95 per 750ml bottle."


Jun. 9, 2011

May 15, 2011

Vaughan Road Hall of Fame

Back in 1967, when i was skipping most of the afternoon classes in my senior year of high school to hang out at the local pool hall with my friends Aldo and Carlo, who could have imagined that 43 years later I'd be inducted into Vaughan Road Academy's Hall of Fame. Life does take some strange turns.

May 7, 2011

Greetings from the Peg

Overnight trip to Winnipeg to give a talk at the Graphic Design Open House at Red River College.

 Museum of Human Rights under construction at the Forks.

Bridge at the Forks designed by √Čtienne Gaboury and Colin Douglas Stewart

Apr. 29, 2011

Foiled Again!

Day-trip to Montreal for proofing on a stamp project. Visited Gravure Choquet who are doing the embossing and foil stamping. As you can see from these pics, they have shelf upon shelf of metallic and holographic foils.

Apr. 27, 2011

The Everyman Project

The issuu-powered online "catalogue" for a personal art project, a series of graphic variations based on the walking pedestrian figure.


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Apr. 25, 2011

A Rabbit for Easter

My rejected proposal for the 2011 Lunar New Year stamp. The rabbit figure is based on the traditional Chinese legend of Grandpa Rabbit, who lives on the moon with the Goddess Chang. Grandpa Rabbit spends his days pounding out the Elixir of Immortality with his medicine pestle.

3D rendering of the vinyl toy mockup by Albert Ang.

Beware of the Dog

Unpublished personal work.

Apr. 24, 2011

Do the Horizontal!

Some recent designs for Foto Art Collective, a new venture launched by my old friend Jim Allen.
See the entire collection at fotoartcollective.com.

Apr. 19, 2011

InDesign Magazine's only print issue

Cover illustration for a one-time print edition of InDesign Magazine, containing a sampling of articles that were originally published in PDF format.

Apr. 14, 2011

The Evil Pyrate

Cap'n Kidd illustration was done for Russell Brown's late, lamented ADIM workshop, which I attended for many years. Rumours are that ADIM may yet be revived. Here's hoping!

Apr. 5, 2011

China Adventure

A pictorial travelog of my 2010 trip to China with Bill Grigsby and Tomio Nitto. Our gracious hosts were Wu Wing Yee and Henrik Drescher, who met us in Hong Kong and took us to Guangzhou, Kunming, Dali, Shangri-la and Shaxi. This record of our trip was culled from thousands of photos, and is an attempt to share some of the amazing sights, sounds and smells we encountered on our trip.

Click on the cover to view the issuu-powered travelog at: www.fishauf.com/china

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Mar. 31, 2011

Random Stuff #1

Random Stuff is a (very) occasional online publication that I created using the issuu publishing platform.

Basically, it's a way for me to use some of my personal photos which would otherwise stay hidden on my hard drive.

Just shots of random things (hence the name) that I stumble upon and find visually interesting.

View issue #1 here.


Everywhere U Look

Still one of my favourites, after all these years.

Client: Adobe Systems.

Mar. 30, 2011

Some recent Global Brief covers

Cover illustrations by (top) Jose Ortega, eBoy (bottom) Christian Northeast, Brad Yeo.

Mar. 29, 2011

Late to the blog party...

...but better late than never. Not sure how this blog will evolve, but for now I'll use it as place to post old and new work, random stuff I like, and anything else that seems pertinent.